Medication Services

  • Prescription Refills and Transfers

  • Medication Adherence

  • Durable Medical Equipment

  • Medication Therapy Management

  • Compounding

  • Unit Dose Packaging

  • Multi-Dose Packaging

  • Leader Products

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy Consultaions

  • Nutritional Consultations

  • Home Delivery

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Liberty Drug is one of the largest retail surgical suppliers in its area. Our pharmacy offers an extensive variety of medical equipment and supplies.

Our medical equipment may include, but is not limited to:

  • Expert surgical brace and equipment fitting is done by certified personnel.
  • Compression Hosiery by JOBST, Truform, Sigvaris and Juzo
  • Sick Room Supplies: bandages, salves, bedrails, blanket supports, commodes, walkers, crutches and more
  • Bathroom Safety: shower and bath seats, grab bars, bath transfer seats and more

If you are in need of any medical equipment or supplies or just have a question, ask a staff member today. Our staff will make it as easy as possible to get the equipment you need, including the billing.

Multi-Dose Pill Packaging

You may find that you have been prescribed a number of medications, and that you need to take them at different times of the day. It can be difficult to keep track of what medication you need to take and when.

Good news! We can offer you an easier and safer way to take your medications. You will wonder why you never tried it before.

We offer a multi-dose packaging that bundles your medications together by date and time. For example, all your medications that are to be taken in the morning will be packaged together in one pack. Say Goodbye to pill boxes and all of your pill bottles, and say hello to multi-dose packaging.

Ask any of our staff today about our pill-packaging service and how you can get signed up.

OTC Medications

At Liberty Drug and Surgical, when we talk about products and services, we look at the entire value chain - because the safety and well-being of our customers are always our top priority.

  • Pain Medication

  • Cold and Allergy Medication

  • Vitamins and Supplements

  • Oral Health Products

  • Sunscreen and Bug Spray

  • Shower and Bath Items

  • Infant Care

  • Hair Care

Monthly Monitoring

Need monthly monitoring? Count on us! One of our friendly staff will call you every month to see how you are doing and discuss with you. Reach out to us to sign up.


We take pride in filling prescriptions quickly and accurately. We take extreme care while filling your prescriptions. We assure you the accuracy you deserve.

Our usual wait times are 10 minutes or less. We give utmost importance to our clients' time and fill prescriptions accurately and efficiently in 10 minutes or less when customers walk into our pharmacy.

Along with our highly trained staff who double-check the prescriptions, we also count on our 100% accurate, state-of-the-art, filling robot system to fill prescriptions. The prescription filling system we have in place brings the chances of making errors at our pharmacy close to zero.


Compounding allows us to create custom medications specifically for you. Examples include dye-free, preservative-free, alcohol-free, and/or sugar-free forms of medications. To learn more about our ability to customize your meds, Contact us today at 973-635-6200.